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Isolite is a revolutionary dental device designed to make the patient’s experience more comfortable and efficient. Using a unique mouth piece that allows the patient to relax the jaw while keeping the mouth open during the entire procedure, Isolite also provides constant illumination, suction of water and fluids, and retraction of the tongue and cheeks. The result is a smoother appointment and high-quality dentistry.

Digital X-rays

Digital radiographs reduce the amount of radiation exposure to patients by up to 80-90% (compared to film radiographs). They also allow us to eliminate harmful chemicals from the office and environment. We use the highest quality digital radiographs on the market to ensure superior images, and if you need to see a specialist, we can quickly share your radiographs with them to improve your care by the dental team.

Our Office

Check out some photographs of our office below, so you know just what to expect when you come see us.